It all started in Central America where we discovered the richness of high-altitude coffee.  Our beans are sourced from some of the worlds most sought after growing regions where altitudes can reach over 6,000 feet above sea level.  These high altitudes create nuanced flavor profiles with striking acidity and a rich, full body.  Much of the coffee that comes from these areas have intricate flavor profiles, featuring hints of warm honey, grassy hay, chocolate, dates and malt.  The beans grown in these high altitudes also pack some of the most powerful caffeine the world has seen. 

All of our specialty blends are crafted from Organic family run Single-Estate coffee plantations before they’re brought back to the Bay Area, where they’re roasted and packaged for optimal freshness. 

In addition to the high-altitudes, the rich volcanic soils and generous cloud coverage produce sinfully-delicious tasting coffee beans.  Deeply robust and smooth on the pallet. 

Over the past few years, our company has learned much about the growing practices of our farmers, as well as about their histories and families.  We take great pride in working with family operated coffee plantations and exploring everything required for making good quality coffee.   

As life-long learners and adventure seekers, we continue to learn about different coffee-making and growing processes and explore other regions in South America where we can craft new sinfully strong blends to offer our customers.